>the official unofficial prozzäk faq
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about my fav.euro-pop boys - Prozzäk.
last updated December 8, 1998


>About the band
Who is Prozzäk?
"This is the story of Simon and musical wizard Milo, as they travel the modern world in an endless search for true love. "

Prozzäk is Simon and Milo. The pair behind catchy, poppy dance music that you won't be able to dance our of your head. Trust me, I've tried.

They're really James McCollom (Milo) and Jason Levine (Simon) from the Philosopher Kings (as revealed on MuchMusic's Six Degrees Of Much).

How do you spell Prozzak? Prozack? Prozak?
It's spelled
Prozzäk (with those two dots over the letter a).

Are they cartoon characters?

Where are they from?
Born in Canada, currently living abroad somewhere.

Their accents are about as real as their stage names - Minnie Mae (the female vocal on 'Strange Disease') is actually Jason's voice (or Simon's, if you prefer) punched through a DSP (digital signal processor) and cranked up in pitch. You can tell in the lower part that 'she' sings that the accent is identical (and fake). - The lush vocal harmonies on 'Omobolasire' are actually Simon's voice remixed OVER and OVER again. That, or they had a few studio singers back up the lead. The first one is cooler though, don't you think? - They're about as British as Chris Sheppard. "I'm from London, originally." (Yeah, Ontario. Sure pal.)
E-mailed to me from Stu!

How old are they?
I don't know. My guestimate is twentysomething.

Can I write to them? Where should I send my letters to? Can I email them?
Their fan club address is: Planet
Prozzäk, 1121 Leslie Street, Toronto, ON, M3C 2J9, Canada. There official web site is http://www.prozzak.com Click here to e-mail them some love.

>About the album
What's it called?
Prozzäk's debut album is Hot Show. It's was released in Canada on October 12, 1998.

What's the first single?
"Omobolasire." Listen for it on the radio. Watch out. You won't be able to stop singing it.

Who? What? Huh? "She is my lover, from the heart of Africa." Omobolasire is a she. The lyrics are on the official Prozzäk web site - http://www.prozzak.com.

Is there a video for "Omabolasire?"
Yup! On MuchMusic baby. E-mail a request in to ondemand@muchmusic.com. Omabolasire is in the video.

When can I buy it? Where can I buy it?
In Canada, at your local record store. HMV, Sam's, Sunrise, etc ... If you can't find Hot Show in your area, try buying it online at

>About touring
Do they tour?
No plans yet.

But they're cartoon characters?
So? Daft Punk performs live. Some fans have e-mailed me explaining that
Prozzäk may perform live at raves or dance parties, on a screen.

>About rumours
Wasn't Milo originally cast as the 5th South Park kid?

>About me
Where do I get my information?
Mainly from the web. Also from what I hear on the radio, TV, and from "my sources." ;)

Have I met Prozzäk?
No. But I'm working on it.

Who am I?
I'm Liz O' Rourke. I live in Vancouver (okay, okay, Surrey) BC. When I'm not maintaining this FAQ, I'm snowboarding or am in school.

Can I e-mail you a question for your FAQ?
Get typing. I'm at prozzak@chickmail.com